N°2 Organic Detergent Lavender

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N°2 Organic Detergent Lavender

100% Organic | 100% Vegan

Bring the French Provence to your home! Our ecological detergent with lavender scent is perfect for both white and color washes. Also suitable for: cotton, linen, hemp & blended fabrics at 30-95 ° C. The liquid lavender detergent is absolutely plentiful – we use exclusively organic herbal raw materials from organic farms. Rapeseed & sunflower oil are gently added without applying heat. Natural acid compounds act as a fabric softener & help prevent calcium and lime deposits on the laundry. The special processing guarantees a consistent quality and a wonderfully soft feel on the skin!

Details: The natural active ingredients prove their washing power, even in hard water.The detergent is also especially suitable with very hard water.  rad.

Yield: 1 l Lavender detergent = 14 wash cycles (approx. 60 kg of dry wash).

Hand wash: 15-30 ml Washing machine: 60 ml per wash cycle

Ingredients: Soap from rapeseed oil / sunflower oil*, sugar surfactant, coconut fatty alcohol sulfate, plant based alcohol (Ethanol), castor oil, citrate, natural ethereal Lavender oil*, balsamic additives*, water, whirled* from controlled organic cultivation.

Application:For all colors & white textiles, from 30-95 °C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

100% biodegradable – 100% without preservatives – 100% free of animal experiments

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