N°1 Fine Cashmere Shampoo

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N°1 Organic Fine Olive Detergent

100% Organic | 100% Vegan

Our fine, non-polluting, vegan detergent is produced on the basis of pure bio-olive oil soap & also biologically cultivated lavender oil for delicate fragrance & an antiseptic effect. Natural and mixed fabrics are thus thoroughly and gently cleaned in the machine from as little as 20 °C. Produced from controlled organic farming, lavender oil, which is added to the detergent, gives the wash a pleasant, delicate fragrance & is also antiseptic. On the skin, olive oil is known for its healing, soothing effects. The detergent helps protect and won’t damage your fibers.

Application: Place in the detergent dispenser of the machine; do not spray directly on the dry laundry.
Hand wash: 15-30 ml per 5 l water Washing machine: 60 ml per wash cycle
Yield: 1 l olive washing agent = 17 wash cycles, each with 2.5 kg dry laundry.
Ingredients:15-30% soap of olive oil *; 5-15% nonionic surfactants (sugar surfactant); 1-5% soap from rapeseed oil * / sunflower oil *; 1-5% vegetable alcohol (ethanol); <1% citrate; <1% essential lavender oil * (contains linalool *), balsamic additives; whirled water to 100% * from controlled organic cultivation & wild-collection

Application: Suitable for fine wash, wool, silk & natural fibers up to 40 ° C; in the washing machine or hand wash. Keep out of the reach of children.

100% organic- 100 % Biodegradable – 100% without preservatives – 100% free from animal tests.

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